Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Antique jewelry - Lion's Den

Simply stunning pieces. Shareen shared with me some antique pieces she purchased from a store in the midlands. I can sorta remember: rose cut diamonds. They look stunning because all the diamonds look so hand-cut. cant imagine how much work & time it involved to complete that piece of art. And the tools they used those days to cut the diamonds.... Old cuts always have that soft and dreamy glow. Love It! In modern pieces, every facet seem too perfect but still very appealing. TOo bad i forgot to snap a pic of it.
This piece right here is currently for sale!
Here's a spectacular piece Shareen forwarded me yesterday! in the seller's current collection.
Emerald & Diamonds. All the diamonds are cut the old way. Could be::
  • Rose cut ----which resembles a rose petals and top is dome shaped.
  • Old Mine---- looks like a cushion cut and often has a deep pavilion (gives it more fire than rose cut)
  • Old european --- Most similar to the modern cuts.
She is on ebay if u r interested. Nickeria is her seller's account.

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  1. Its just a marvelous and stunning necklace..Look at the design and colour..Its handmade..Excellent work..It looks like rose petals..It really required lot of time and effort to design this piece..Thanks for designing such wonderful piece..


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