Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Egg Pendant- Amethyst and Fancy Sapphire!

o. It's quite blurry but this is actually an egg-shaped amethyst. I bought the rough from a shop along Chareon Krun Rd (new Rd) and took it to my teacher. Both of us walked the streets for an hour to find someone capable of cutting the stone. He has some friends in the field of work but they could not do something of that size. (equip. constraints)Finally, we took it to a thai school that teaches stone cutting. I was excited!!! I wanna learn. But for foreigners, it's quite a hefty charge. For locals, IT"S FREEE!
  • 18-20 carat light purple Amethyst
  • purple and pink pink sapphire
  • Indian gold jewelery inspired
  • A new Beginning...new life! (thk u Jean for reminding me)

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