Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Summer in London!

So i just got the approval. I am leaving for london in 30 hours time. Quite a mad rush. If not for EL, i wont be doing this. And of course, I figured it will be a meaningful family reunion too. It has been some time since all 5 of us travel to some where other than KL or BKK or SG. Yes i am still blogging at this moment whilst trying to get a ticket. BA website is such a pain.

Let me post my drawings of WINGS.

Im thinking cabachon tourmaline (shades of pink & Purple) tiny 1mm pearls, Baroque Flat freshwater pearls... This is going to be quite. Playing with the different textures and color combinations. I am definitely going to incorporate this in my collection.

I started drawing bird feathers n then decided to explore all sorts of feathers/ wings and finally, butterfly wings turned out the best.

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