Monday, 8 June 2009

Locally made...for Sale!

Faceted Apatite & Amethyst earrings
Cabachon light aquamarine & green tourmaline
Deep red Garnet set in 22K gold plated silver. Very Indian.
Chalcedony with small amethyst and white sapphire.
Amethyst with fresh water pearls set in 18K gold plate

Green tourmaline & Rubelite set in 18K gold plated silver. i love the Indian in it.

Btw, these r up for sale. Handmade by thai artist. I was reminded by some friends hence the posting on this blog.


  1. your jewelries are very beautiful.

    Yours Sincerly Kyllinn

  2. Wow these are so good..i love all of them..specially the earring shown in the last image.I want to have this sparks even your day


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