Monday, 29 June 2009


some wonderful times with J and D despite of some sleepless nites. Great to catch up after 10 years of distance. And soon J will be heading to Mongolia. U know we r going to miss you but good thing u r visiting again in sept. Jing and I explored the many stores at Platinum mall but with more focus than my usual visits. Pics of headdresses we bought at the mall. I love the one Jing picked out for me and the peacock feather piece she got for herself. thanks....: ) I have always love buying hats/headdresses etc. and the ones we got are great for everyday wear sort. Wanna share with you some millinery works i love. Eloise, who runs her own millinery has some fabulous works which really inspires my designing work.

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  1. I don't use headdresses so often but i try them if I like something.I like the last image which is a white colour hat.I like its design as its quite different than which usually see.on the whole god work.


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