Saturday, 20 June 2009

Hirado Plum branch ....

I have been reading up on porcelains from Japan and of course Hirado, typically blue&white which is of top notch quality and fine craftsmanship...Something worth researching, Hirado was initially made only for the rulers (daimyo) and later it was commercialized. I have a few Japanese porcelains in my gallery but they are unmarked. i suspect one of them, an Ikebana vase with a long and narrow neck, which was obtained from Christies auction is Hirado. Anyhow, a piece of Hirado i found via the kurtzman family collection

A weight in a form of a plum branch. Another inspiration. It will be nice if i can keep it white and simple. Maybe enameling work needs to be done for the branch and simple white overtone flat keshi pearls for the petals.

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