Saturday, 20 June 2009

Hotel Eugenia...

Hotel Eugenia's lobby-----------
Ahhh what a lovely night! I had a great time with my ole pals! The usual gang....We spent our friday night on Sukhumvit Soi31. We had Jap food @Isa-o and that experience definitely took all of us back to Sushi Station along 101-Encinitas which serves CA style sushi. Friday was J's last day at Bulgari. Hence it called for a celebration!! I was looking forward to drinks at Hotel Eugenia- a colonial style bungalow with i think 10 suites? Setting was lovely, our pitcher of mojito was beyond expectation, the desserts were not fantastic and of course, i gave them my feedback. The chef was nice enough to compensate us with some cognac truffles...v yummy. a party of 6 was just good enough for a Friday nite. Topics shared? PAINT BLUE SKIES / Slipper orchids grown up north in our friend's farm/ Meditation school in Aug (a 9 day course but we are going to try to stay for 3 nites)

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