Monday, 15 June 2009

Mozart effect!

Several of my friends are pregnant or just had a baby so i thought i'll do some baby music research and the mozart effect was all over the web about how it improves Spatial temporal reasoning. Interesting to know. my.. Uni. of Wisconsin- psycho department carried out a study with rats and those rats exposed to Mozart completed some maze more rapidly....n how the State of Georgia gives out a Mozart CD to every new born!

if only there is some kind of music that will help get over Monday Blues.... Anyway, some sketches of earrings. Inspired by edwardian pieces. This is the typical 3 piece style. A slight twist: I have tiny pearls around a green stone (have yet to decide what) center piece and a pink stone above it. The three dangling pieces will be pear shape pearls. The unique part is how the two pearls on the sides will jut out rather awkwardly and stiffly. K said this piece has some potential! : )

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