Thursday, 18 June 2009


So there goes my Thursday! It was certainly eventful but i was overwhelmed by the end of the day! i started my day at Yaowalard (chinatown) with B. We met at OP, our usual hangout/ meeting point and headed to the fabric market. I spotted some Jap inspired fabrics. Pink, brown, dusty green and cream. I took a cloth swatch of it and hopefully the next trip back, we will be ready to buy those. I love the vibes in this market! Most buyers are big big purchasers. U hear them buying like song/sam met. (2-3 m). And B too was picking out a type of fabric for a customer who specially ordered a shirt from him. We headed to B's tailor who recommended us another tailor who would be able to fulfill our orders. Quite a straight forward man as B put it. I didn't really catch what was he saying in thai but i could sense that he was quite a no BS sort of tailor.

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