Wednesday, 3 June 2009

very random

I did some random searching ...
1.Parisian apartments on Champs Elysées. Rental for this really cute apartment for 6 is 380 Euros per day!!! I think it was appealing cos of the persian rug in that living room!
2.Subscription rate of New yorker: US 39 and internation is 112. (darn it!)
im so tempted to send it to Andrew and have him mail it to me...
3.Scenes from the movie,...."Coco before chanel " (unfortunately not shown in asia yet)
4.Luxurious kids clothes

Blogging with no discipline... Sharart was really meant to be a jewelry site showcasing my sketches, works and inspirations... I wish i had more discipline in this and many other aspects. Alas...i suppose it wont be a pure jewelry site from here forward..

1 comment:

  1. come on! the international shipping fee is now over $5 for a magazine, you better subscribe online haha


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