Tuesday, 28 July 2009

From Basic to Bows. Some Must-Have Black Shoes

Black Ballerina Flats: A must! Recently purchased one from Bally and I have to say, these are incredible for travel but make sure you get used to them at home. Season them out before you travel with them. Speaking from experience.

The Height Enhancer Pair.... Tailored look with a fabulous finish: Bottega Veneta's simple leather pumps. How much of an enhancer? 4.5 inches high!!!! and plus plus 1 inch platform.

Or Is this your "Must have" style? Ferragamo Fall collection 2 2/3" stacked heel known as "Liage" How about something more fun! Yes from Basics to Bows! by Valentino . By the way, Net-a-porter is currently offering free shipping. Don't Miss.

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