Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Jan Steen household

The Dutch proverb “a Jan Steen household” originated in the 17th century and is used today to refer to a home in disarray, full of rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings. I can totally relate to that. My father has 11 siblings and my mother has 7 and that makes 20 of them. in all, I have 28 cousins. via Julie Blackmon and i shall quote her: "The struggle between living in the moment versus escaping to another reality is intense since these two opposites strive to dominate. Caught in the swirl of soccer practices, play dates, work, and trying to find our way in our “make-over” culture, we must still create the space to find ourselves. "

1 comment:

  1. like these pictures ... all seem so familiar.

    being among the "20" & having 2 among the "28".


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