Sunday, 12 July 2009

Thai Asian Inspired Interior

Attended the "Made in Thailand" fair on Thursday which inspired me to write about Thailand. From leather to wood, furnishing to food, businesses from different provinces were there to exhibit. Spotted some really nice timber furniture mainly from Northern provinces. One of my favorite stores: Siam Glory woodwork has some incredible timbers such as Afzelia Burl (rare timber from South East Asia). Their website images arent great but the actual pieces are.

My best buy was a 30sqf cowhide carpet....& it's this image that inspired me to buy it. I think cowhides carpets are so neutral (although Black & White) with its organic shape and natural texture. I love my rug!

Images of thai architecture seen here are from some resorts/hotels I highly recommend if you are hoping to enjoy Thai inspired concepts.
Anatara resorts around Thailand
Ao Prao Resorts at Koh Samed
Davis Hotel in Bangkok

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