Friday, 17 July 2009

Thursdays...usual Excitment

I wish there's an extra 3 hours or so on Thursdays. As much as i yearn for a proper breakfast such as egg Benedict which will definitely make me very happy, I hardly have anytime to make myself some hot choc. Well, i am going to try to make simple french toast (without the summer berries)

It's unfortunate: I havent found a place in Bangkok that makes exceptional ones.
Remember visiting MiniBar Royale once and was utterly disappointed in the eggs. They make some great cocktails and dinner but definitely not breakfast. P, K and I took the doggies (Bella and Happy) to the bar one day and it's amazing how dog friendly that place was. The first place that gave us a warm welcome and... the dogs were served before us.

Made a very quick trip to SJ and had my designs finalized. Spoke to K's uncle who is always so helpful and patient with me. So glad he understood my designs because I think that's a very important step as he has to communicate with the goldsmiths how the pieces should eventually look like. Met up with my partners in Chinatown. Went all over the place to find good quality thai silk and ribbons. Found none but ended up buying some imported fabric for K's work shirts. We decided to visit Jim Thompson and try our luck there. The outlet had quite a varied selection. Here are some prints i spotted on their website and coincidentally, i realized some interesting partnerships. I spotted Benjarong.

Benjarong Collection is a porcelain company that used to make exclusively for the Siamese royalty. Today, these pieces are available to us and i cant wait to obtain my first set tea set from them. Heavily inspired by Indian and Persian motifs, these porcelain wares are very exciting and colorful. I literally enjoy these pieces a few times a day because their gallery is just a few steps away from mine...So inspired by the intricate details on these porcelain.

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