Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Tiffany's legacy is possibly one of the most popular, sought after engagement ring. Inspired by Edwardian period jewelry. However, I think it's been overly copied by jewelers.

why not pick something less conventional, like the late Princess Diana's engagement ring. I think Blue sapphires are quite outstanding too esp. the ones from Kashmir, which are favored by the industry for its velvety blue. Its color is considered to be the most valuable. Burmese Sapphires are also highly regarded. Commonly given the name cornflower blue. Sapphires are also found in Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Africa.

I have been searching for that classic yet simple setting. Of course, it has to have that vintage essence...I find vintage works so charming and especially pieces that involve filigree, "wire works"or milgrain (small ball on the edges of a jewelry piece or aka ridges) Filigree, an ancient old technique, is very delicate work that requires skillful craftsmanship. The goldsmith will be working with very thin threads of gold or silver...almost like stitching or embroidery work down on a piece of jewelry. I had a previous posting about Indian gold and those pieces are such fine examples. Note the string of beads along the edges of the setting, that's known as milgrain.

Note the string of beads along the edges of this engagement ring's setting, that's known as milgrain.

My sister is getting married (the customary one) this October and this design above is similar to her engagement ring. A simple prong setting with channel setting of melee diamonds along the shank. A simple, timeless, & elegant design. For a customized engagement ring, please contact us here.

The Sharart bespoke experience begins with a phone call or email to discuss ideas and materials desired. Sharart Bespoke strongly encourages you to provide the inspiration for your very own bespoke piece. We will then present you with designs and a selection of stones if required.
You may want to know that all customized pieces are handmade using traditional jewelry techniques and can take up to several weeks to complete depending on the work involved.

G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) certified diamonds are available.


  1. Hey!!

    the ring that you posted that you said is similar to your sisters, where is that from? website or something so I can find it and look at prices, show it to my bf, etc.

    could u email me?

  2. Wow. You have got a nice collection. All of them are so unique and looking so cool. could you please share their details or from where I can have them.

  3. Nice collection of vintage engagement rings. All this are simple, classic and elegant in designs. Most popular and most valuable piece of jewelry they are.

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    too many eyes used to be there to comment on your choice so I visited many shopping stores to get something outstanding but it was harder for me to make any choice but I found a huge range of accessories in this site and felt myself fail to make choice among thousands of choices.

  5. Of course, the easiest thing to do if you are about to buy engagement rings is to visit a local jeweler and get something that is available. However, this is not usually the best thing to do because the local jewelers are not usually the places where you can get the best deal possible. Sure, it can sometimes happen if you are lucky, but bear in mind that this is extremely rare. Again, if money is no object, you have nothing to worry about, but in case money is a big deal, then you should definitely explore some other options as well.

  6. Vintage-inspired engagement Designer Rings prove that a style doesn’t have to be new to be perfect for the present. Their designs have stood the test of time, making them a fitting way to show that your love will remain as the years and decades pass.


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