Monday, 17 August 2009

Finally Growing!

Sarah with my lil sister...Kyl-linn @ the peranakan museum in SG. It's a pain to take these two out together.
Sarah in Bangkok (2008)

This pic was taken in 2007 (La Jolla, CA) n back then her nails werent growing but

Sarah's nails are finally growing after 2 years! Sarah's my lil cousin and it's been really disturbing for her mum, my aunt, CY for the past 2 years. CY, u gotta throw her a party!

Shar says: what did she say
chooiYEe 浦 翠儀 says: she looked closely at the nails
chooiYEe 浦 翠儀 says: picked them up by pressing her fingers on them
chooiYEe 浦 翠儀 says: and grinned

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