Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wedding Prep....

My sis made this lovely cake....It's Lemon cake...Her signature. Sooo good.....

Images from The wedding Part I. I will post images of Wedding part II shortly....
The past nights had been rough. To be exact, sleepless nights and I could not pinpoint why. N then it hit me when the call came. //// "did u remember this and that n this?" My contribution is to design and make sure all her jewelry pieces come out in time and of course QC all the pieces. The night before, I had a dream....I forgot to bring all her jewelry pieces back to Malaysia. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Yellow your wardrobe when Spring Arrives!

Bottega Veneta Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearBottega V Spring 2010Bottega Veneta Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearBottega V Spring 2010Bottega Veneta Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearBottega V Spring 2010
Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearPucci Spring 2010(love the cut of those pants.) Handpicked via style

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Food for the Soul....

It seems like everything is slowing down including the keypad as I am typing away right now. Maybe because i feel like a cold is going to hit me soon. I was thinking about the design for this pendant since 18 hours ago. Na and I were at our usual hangout Al Majlis Tearoom till almost midnight. I showed him the sketch of my double bat motif with Chalcedony, Pink Opal and Aquamarine. (Pale blue, pink and green). Not happy with the design, Na suggested I hold off the order I placed with B. THis morning, i woke up feeling unwell. (partly because i left the TV on & partly because of the design) I did not get any proper sleep as I was following the news the entire night. Got to work, read the papers at the cafeteria downstairs.: Headlines: HIV AIDS vaccine. " Oh didn't i hear that over the TV last nite?" Alas....I decided to abandon the bat motif and opt for something more symmetrical. 2 designs in 2 hours or so. The coffee power is not kicking in at all. And yes im babbling on.... On a lighter note, The 10th Annual World Gourmet Festival will is coming soon. It will be held at the Four Seasons on the 5th till the 11th. Here's a list of guest chefs visiting Bangkok..
  • David Kinch, Manresa Restaurant (two Michelin stars), Los Gatos, California, USA
  • David Thompson, Nahm Thai Restaurant (one Michelin star), London, UK
  • Christine Manfield, Universal Restaurant, Sydney, Australia
  • Mohammed Fedal, Dar Moha, Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Luke Dale-Roberts, La Colombe, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Fulvio Siccardi, Ristorante Conti Roero (one Michelin star), Monticello d’Alba, Italy
  • Francois Payard, Payard Patisserie, New York, New York, USA
  • Michael Ginor, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Ferndale, New York, USA
  • Graham Elliott, Graham Elliott Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Kazumi Sawada, Banreki-Ryukodo (one Michelin star), Tokyo, Japan
  • Carla Pernambuco, Carlota, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ok i hightlighted the ones i am quite interested to check out. Images of Ristorante Conti Roero (one Michelin star) taken via here

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A New TWIN Diamond Cut...

antwerp twin diamondThe Antwerp Twins Cut diamond has an interesting story behind it. It was created when the chief exec. of 3D diamonds (the company that created it) was pregnant with twins. I wonder how much more brilliance will this rock have. And yet another fancy cut. A good way to coax your other half to buy u a twin diamond if you are carrying twins.... via.

Monday, 21 September 2009


It's drizzling Diamonds!(again but better this time) As promised a few months back, this is one of my creations. A better pic of the same design i posted some time back.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The fabric I can't resist!!!

Alas.... I bought 3 more meters of it for my mum who has a weakness
for fabrics tooo. 100% cotton, 100% irresistible.

Look at the floral print!!!

I made a chinese qi pao using this fabric. This is the remaining
cloth. I stare at it everyday! It's a tiny piece and I can't decide
what to it with it. The flowers are subtly purple. Can u tell?

When Thursday amplifies Friday's Boredom....

You think about Paris. (ok inspired to use these lines for my jewelry line but i just can't draw right now)

You check out what's in. It's Bangkok's 11th Festival of Music & Dance and this performance Fuego! by Carmen Mota’s Flamenco Dance Group, Spain looks pretty interesting!


I thought..let's browse some SATC images.. Get some inspiration. Founds these via

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Purple Sets me Free.....

Be it...Some purple grapes? via
Drop Earrings in Purple Amethyst? Via Christie's
A brooch (I'm embarrassed to say i can't remember the designer between this lovely piece)

elle decoration 19.jpg
Or some walls and curtains....
or purple by Leila via desire to inspire
I have been so attached to purple recently, It's scary coz my closet is relatively filled with just purples. My latest jewelry designs are quite purple too. Paired Green & Purple sapphires for a pair of earrings and a Deep Purple Amethyst Ring with brown and white diamonds. I have yet to post those pics. Is Purple your color too?

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Brunch Romance

Pic was taken 4 years ago

Duck Confit @ Marigold Kitchen. A place I miss so much.My last treat at marigold was 4 years back(our last before the drive to CA) and to be able to witness the menu online makes me feel like i'[m so close to Madison. The same ole. Nothing has changed except for a few new additions. My fav is the duck confit, available only on Saturdays. Absolutely no pretense! Madison Here i come! maybe 2010?

The motion of things....

My Creation (with movements) Peridot, Rubelite & Diamonds
This week kinda started off less hectic after Bella's drama. Had quite a rough morning, battling the "so called" high speed internet and a 4 yr old computer. Fortunately, I manage to send out this critical email across a few 1000 miles rather than express mail it which was going to cost me 1000 baht for a flat mail in 2 days or so. (no guarantee the mail will arrive Friday hence i decided to opt for the more expensive route- EMAIL!) I personally prefer snail mail. It looked so much more professional (thanks to Na) who helped me print, mount and added the final touches. Followed by a big relief: the person who commissioned me to design his cuff links likes the design i came up with. I will post pics of the final product in a month or so. And my jewelry pieces are coming to me from the goldsmiths. The process: slowly but surely. A lot of back and forth... Sometimes, these goldsmiths just don't see it the same way and it gets really frustrating.. But i learn something new everyday. Na taught me this term i can use to communicate in thai. "o-noon" means a convex surface. I was very pleased with the Peridot and triangular shaped tourmaline Ring. Hope the final pieces comes out just like how i envisioned them to be. Colors of this new ring resembles this piece of work I designed above.

Now, i'm So inspired by this necklace below.... Purple Amethyst and Emerald?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Missing Bella on Sept. 10th

Bella's Offspring
Bella is the snow....
Bella at home in her studio apartment. (madision, WI)
Musco & Bella at home (winter time)
Bella was missing for 7 hours on the 10th of September. We placed ads all over the neighborhood, looking for this missing girl. We used this pic above and people whom saw the pic told K, a dog this cute would be taken away by now. Don't pin high hopes. K's uncle contacted the radio station about Bella's disappearance and shortly after, We received a few calls from people who saw the ad and they claim to have seen Bella at a bridge near Siam Cement co. Coincidentally, the guards at the company claim to have seen her there too but there was no signs of her. At 3.45pm, we were rather disheartened. We took Musco out to help, hoping he can sniff her out. K and I had high hopes initially but as time went by, our hopes were down. No one at the market spotted her. None. The entire neighborhood, i believe was aware of Bella's disappearance. Just as we were heading back to K's place, his mum called to notify us that someone found a schnauzer. The radio station called. When i heard the news, I was skeptical because we received a few calls but they were all false alarms. But when we were told she did not stop crying, we kinda had this gut feeling it is her. The people who took her in were amazing. They showered her clean, blewdry her coat...She looked like she just went to the groomers. They even got her a pretty leash, dog bowl, food. They said for so many hours, she refused to eat, or drink....All she did was cry. We thank these people..formalities, K's uncle handed them some money... And when we got into the car, K's uncle was explaining to K all about how they found her and his speculation was they were going to keep her but she cried soo hard, they couldnt tolerate her.

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