Friday, 4 September 2009

Charming India

Neemrana Fort Palace built since the mid 1400s, it's a resort I would love to visit one day but the room rates are outrageous. It was stated on the website 11,500 USD/ night? I refreshed the page and it's still that figure. anyhow, this palace is located just about 100kms from Delhi international ariport. It's on the highway that connects Delhi and Jaipur. Frankly. inspired to visit after combing through the pages of "Dances of the Peacock" - complete collection of jewellery traditions of India by Usha Bala Krishnan. My greatest wish is to hunt down some goldsmiths whom can still do really fine granulation or filigree works. I'm crazy about these traditional techniques...

Images you see here are taken off from their website and it has various resorts to pick from. Want to dive into that antique swimming pool one day!.

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