Monday, 28 September 2009

His & Her Bands

Lady's .33ct diamond and blue enamel 18k white gold Hidalgo braceletMen's antique style 14k white gold comgort-fit wedding band ringDiamond and blue sapphire 18k white gold wedding band ringLady's Natalie K .39ct diamond & 18k white gold antique style wedding band ringAntique vintage style platinum men's wedding band ring image-10Via
Wedding bands, couple rings...have been hearing alot about them. Friends who are getting married have been pondering over this. Frankly, keeping it simple is good because you will be wearing it on a daily basis. I say the men should opt for something more hardy and thicker. We (Na and I also recently co-designed our couple ring. Mine is 18K Pink Gold while his is 18K white. Pink gold gives my fingers that glow.... pieces above are from Firenze jewels or if you wish to opt for something less common. The rings below are created using a japanese technique that was developed centuries ago.

Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique developed in feudal Japan by master swordsmiths. Mokume Gane means "wood grain metal," referring to the patterned metal that resembles wood grain. I was first introduced to this technique when Na learned it in GIA while he was apprenticing with Mark Maxwell.

In this process, layers of contrasting colored metals are fusion welded, using very high heat and pressure, into one solid block or billet of metal. viz

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  1. This is quite different way of designing these stuff. and they are so well designed that you can't find any flaw in them.I like the bangles most.Mainly their colour and design.I just love them.


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