Saturday, 12 September 2009

Missing Bella on Sept. 10th

Bella's Offspring
Bella is the snow....
Bella at home in her studio apartment. (madision, WI)
Musco & Bella at home (winter time)
Bella was missing for 7 hours on the 10th of September. We placed ads all over the neighborhood, looking for this missing girl. We used this pic above and people whom saw the pic told K, a dog this cute would be taken away by now. Don't pin high hopes. K's uncle contacted the radio station about Bella's disappearance and shortly after, We received a few calls from people who saw the ad and they claim to have seen Bella at a bridge near Siam Cement co. Coincidentally, the guards at the company claim to have seen her there too but there was no signs of her. At 3.45pm, we were rather disheartened. We took Musco out to help, hoping he can sniff her out. K and I had high hopes initially but as time went by, our hopes were down. No one at the market spotted her. None. The entire neighborhood, i believe was aware of Bella's disappearance. Just as we were heading back to K's place, his mum called to notify us that someone found a schnauzer. The radio station called. When i heard the news, I was skeptical because we received a few calls but they were all false alarms. But when we were told she did not stop crying, we kinda had this gut feeling it is her. The people who took her in were amazing. They showered her clean, blewdry her coat...She looked like she just went to the groomers. They even got her a pretty leash, dog bowl, food. They said for so many hours, she refused to eat, or drink....All she did was cry. We thank these people..formalities, K's uncle handed them some money... And when we got into the car, K's uncle was explaining to K all about how they found her and his speculation was they were going to keep her but she cried soo hard, they couldnt tolerate her.

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