Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The motion of things....

My Creation (with movements) Peridot, Rubelite & Diamonds
This week kinda started off less hectic after Bella's drama. Had quite a rough morning, battling the "so called" high speed internet and a 4 yr old computer. Fortunately, I manage to send out this critical email across a few 1000 miles rather than express mail it which was going to cost me 1000 baht for a flat mail in 2 days or so. (no guarantee the mail will arrive Friday hence i decided to opt for the more expensive route- EMAIL!) I personally prefer snail mail. It looked so much more professional (thanks to Na) who helped me print, mount and added the final touches. Followed by a big relief: the person who commissioned me to design his cuff links likes the design i came up with. I will post pics of the final product in a month or so. And my jewelry pieces are coming to me from the goldsmiths. The process: slowly but surely. A lot of back and forth... Sometimes, these goldsmiths just don't see it the same way and it gets really frustrating.. But i learn something new everyday. Na taught me this term i can use to communicate in thai. "o-noon" means a convex surface. I was very pleased with the Peridot and triangular shaped tourmaline Ring. Hope the final pieces comes out just like how i envisioned them to be. Colors of this new ring resembles this piece of work I designed above.

Now, i'm So inspired by this necklace below.... Purple Amethyst and Emerald?

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