Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wedding Prep....

My sis made this lovely cake....It's Lemon cake...Her signature. Sooo good.....

Images from The wedding Part I. I will post images of Wedding part II shortly....
The past nights had been rough. To be exact, sleepless nights and I could not pinpoint why. N then it hit me when the call came. //// "did u remember this and that n this?" My contribution is to design and make sure all her jewelry pieces come out in time and of course QC all the pieces. The night before, I had a dream....I forgot to bring all her jewelry pieces back to Malaysia. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

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  1. I just love cake. I am start feeling taste of your cake. I want to say very well prepared cake. All other wedding preparations are also looks good. It’s very nice of you that you shared this special event preparation with us. I want to congratulate the couple.


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