Tuesday, 20 October 2009

French country Bed and Breakfast

Well this hidden treasure is telling me to take a trip to Paris....Le Trentetrois (or Le 33) is just an hour away from Paris. http://letrentetrois.free.fr/Galerie/P1010943.JPG
i love the color combination of the building and it just gets better from here.
Homely entrance...

I like the look of a rug below the dining table. It just ties everything in quite neatly. And that wall color is just my ideal dream color which i can only dream about because I am too lazy to get my walls painted. And I suspect it only looks good with the white floor & ceiling trimmings.
Really love the color scheme and the choise of fabrics in each individual rooms. And I reckon it's the little details that makes this place so charming. http://letrentetrois.free.fr/Galerie/ch3...jpg

I am surprise that the rates are quite decent. 80 euros for 2 and that includes a warm breakfast served in the garden. Do you like what you see? If you do, go to your nearest Ikea and try a little something. This Bed & Breakfast was cleverly put together with Ikea furnishings. http://letrentetrois.free.fr/Press/ikea%20004.jpg

le 33
Philippe et Florence MICHON
33 rue de Gournay
website : http://letrentetrois.free.fr
blog : http://le30trois.canalblog.com

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