Friday, 23 October 2009

It happened to be....

Our afternoon tea being served on a Tibetan trunk. I love
Thursdays...especially when I have great company...yes I'm referring
to P and J.had to draw that analogy...p and j's company is like being
at home in pj.
We settled down at a new concept store called "it's happened to be a
closet." at the emporium. It's all under one roof... They serve
amazing cakes and tarts, they have a VIP room called the mafia room
which you can reserve for nothing.. It has a salon, a small corner for
to pamper your nails, foot reflexology service....Oh yes and a wide wide selection of embroidered clothes for the Young and Old! The Tibetan trunk does sum up the collection a lil... I recommend
the strawberry shortcake. Check out the previous posting.

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