Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Miss the Flavors of Fall / Autumn

Season's Eatings
Living in Asia but still getting e-newsletters and e-invites (sale!) form the US brings me back to the seasons I miss so much. And of course, Fall is my favorite. I like to call it Autumn. I am reminded of the fall flavors I got to enjoy at Marigold Kitchen. Or the walks along Lake shore drive that winds along the lake Mendota, Madison, WI. The path looks very much like
These are the Signature seats you wont miss right outside the union.
These are the colors I miss.....
Inspired by the leaves, the colors, the lines, the branches...
I should just drown myself in some colored stones that resemble the season... Few things that came to mind..... Fire Opal, Citrines, Light Pink Opal, Cognac Diamonds, Smoky Quartz Vintage Signed Ruser Fire Opal and Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold
Fire Opal displays warm colors like yellow, orange, orange-yellow or red and they do not usually show any play-of-color. The most famous source of fire opals is the state of Queretaro in Mexico.

Fire Opal. Vintage Signed 18K gold with diamonds via
Citrines: I have just recently ordered some special cut citrine and smoky quartz for a collection. Whiskey Citrine Blackened Leaf Top EarringsVia Polyvore by Cathy waterman.

Autumn is beautiful.

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