Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Artwork! Simple & Clean....

I have been playing around with photo shop lately...exploring the wonders of it....Also working on artwork for the website, the look, feel, content etc. I want to keep it simple just like him. Moritz has a clean and simple to navigate site! It has that good balance since his pieces are quite elaborate. I would love to design something simple and easy but just a little different....

Glik had a very successful career in his native Brazil as one of the most sought-after shoe designers. Yet, mesmerized by the jewelry workshop next to his studio, he soon realized his true passion in jewelry design.

Elegant and mysterious, Glik designs are very architectural in their form and lines. The work is very contemporary but you can always sense the influence of antique jewelry in the creative processes behind his designs. Glik's signature collection creates the illusion of diamonds and precious stones floating within their settings. Many of his pieces are fluid, assuming their shape only when worn. Check it out here for yourself. So inspired!!!!!!

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  1. Love the clean simple look, brings out the best in the jewellery.


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