Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's the 1st of December!

It's december... I wonder.. how did December creep up so suddenly? And soon 2009 is coming to an end...and 2010 is approaching in 30 days! December always makes me want to slow down and think of the things i have and have not done. But december also puts me in a festive mood. December reminds me of Christmas & childhood memories... White Christmas tree (the one we used to put up), and santa claus (my dad). December, you certainly have some sort of impact on me! Somewhat magical/ dreamy/ and i have to admit... It's a lazy month. I just want to dream away...Take me to Tokyo! This year Toyko is determined to be one of the most spectacular cities to visit in December. Thank god, the japs are using LED (enegery saving) lights to lit up the streets...Japan alas! It's coming to the end of the year. I reminded K about this trip that has been postponed several times. He was sweet about it. 2010 will see if we can make a trip then.

bright lights by open-arms.

Blue, blue, blue ... by micamica.
Christmas illumination "Blue Ocean" at Caretta Shiodome.
@Shiodome, Tokyo till Mid Jan 2010.
friends by open-arms.

One of my newer creation...Inspired by ancient Chinese Disc (bi). So intrigued by the fine detailed animated carvings (dragon designs). It's a sharart.
Fresh water pearl with brown diamonds, 18 white gold.

recent addition! Tibetan floral. I love the 3 dimensional effect of this piece. Silver South Sea Pearl, Purple sapphires, white diamonds in 18K white gold.

A simple single. Fresh water pearl, white diamond in 18K white gold!
Looking back, i have to comment that the Asian influence is still prevalent is all my designs and i am glad that the collection is consistent in that way. I do appreciate the time i have in the antique gallery as i get to have some quiet moments to reflect. Enjoy! It's the 2nd of December.

These pieces are currently available @ SIN (OP Gardens, Bangkok)

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