Friday, 11 December 2009

The Very Productive Day!

Spotted many of these!!!
Sandi Society (2nd Floor)

Moi at "It's Happened to be a closet" waiting patiently for my Seafood Bisque.
K in his new hair-do!
Very happy with the food. K and I had The seafood Bisque and Mushroom Ravioli. Before the mains came, we were served with freshly toasted black squid ink walnut bread, mini puffs, and Bruschetta. Super yummy! Plus I love my new hair cut.

  • "It's happened to be a closet" @ Emporium

    233,2nd floor, tel : 66 2 664 7211-2 mobile : 66 8 1 565 2026
  • Hair cut at "Salon de BKK" @ Emporium look for Pat!

My mum gave very specific instructions to move in on this date , at this time and the more people the merrier. Our family is quite the typical Chinese family hence the arrangement. There isn't a better date for me to move and if i dont move on the 11th Dec before 9am, i will have to wait till next year. So of course i made sure i did the formalities this year. Half awake but surprisingly on time, K was sitting in front of the building waiting for me. But alas, we unpacked the rice bucket, placed a bag of jasmine rice in it displayed the bottle of olive oil, a bottle of table salt (mum's request) but we found out the parkay flooring in the master was still not up to expectations. The site manager agreed to remove the entire flooring and redo it. That's a 2 week delay!!!
However, That did not dampen my mood as I was looking forward to spending the day with K. We sat down at the nearby starbucks, busy searching for places to go. We thought of driving out to Ayutthaya (old city of Thailand) which would take us about an hour. I wasn't mentally prepared for a day excursion so instead, we went to a local fair in the nearby exhibition hall. It wasn't great and yet we still managed to fill up the back seats!

Scandi Society(pic above) was on the list of to-visit: vintage sandi!! It is a furniture gallery that carries all Scandinavian pieces mainly from the 1960s till present. all original second hand pieces....The selection was great...Hans wegner pieces everywhere.. Some needed more repair work than others. It is definitely more organized than Y50 @ Ekamai. (Y50 bids for pieces on

Hans Wegner Y-Stool

Heart these: Charles Eames 1907-1978. Six shell chairs. Stained beige fibreglass. Chromium-plated metal and rosewood-stained ash Dowel leg base
Dolphin Chair by Hans Wegner
Designed in 1950. Produced in a limited number by cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen.

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