Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Antique jewelry - Lion's Den

Simply stunning pieces. Shareen shared with me some antique pieces she purchased from a store in the midlands. I can sorta remember: rose cut diamonds. They look stunning because all the diamonds look so hand-cut. cant imagine how much work & time it involved to complete that piece of art. And the tools they used those days to cut the diamonds.... Old cuts always have that soft and dreamy glow. Love It! In modern pieces, every facet seem too perfect but still very appealing. TOo bad i forgot to snap a pic of it.
This piece right here is currently for sale!
Here's a spectacular piece Shareen forwarded me yesterday! in the seller's current collection.
Emerald & Diamonds. All the diamonds are cut the old way. Could be::
  • Rose cut ----which resembles a rose petals and top is dome shaped.
  • Old Mine---- looks like a cushion cut and often has a deep pavilion (gives it more fire than rose cut)
  • Old european --- Most similar to the modern cuts.
She is on ebay if u r interested. Nickeria is her seller's account.

Sunday, 24 May 2009


What a beautiful & intimate wedding!
Some moments KL and I caught during our short trip to London...
Peonies used at the wedding...

Friday, 22 May 2009

Blue Sapphire -Flower collection

3 in 1 earrings accompanied by a matching ring!

commissioned to design a set of blue sapphire jewelry for my aunt. I had 3 pieces of stones to play with. Finally decided on a pair of earrings and a ring. Something classic and elegant... Something that will complement her.

I was inspired by Edwardian pieces. The flower petals are however slightly modern. Each petal overlaps the other, giving it more depth. The earrings can be worn

1) As seen in the pic
2) as a flower stud without the dangling part
3) Just the sapphire on its own

it's drizzling diamonds....

this piece conveys simple elegance...

This piece conveys simple elegance. Great for all occasions..even for the market. Can be worn with or without the diamonds. The pic clearly does not reflect how one side is higher than the other. I;m going to post more images. Also, It's back in the workshop: to be lengthened with one more marquise on each strand.

  • 13mm White South Sea Pearls
  • 3.6 carat diamonds (round/ pear/ marquise shaped diamonds) set in 18 K white gold

Baroque Flat Pearls - Flower Collection

So I went for the HK fair in March and made some purchases from a supplier. I have been pondering what should i use the pearls for. N is the source of inspiration for this design. I prefer how the flower faces downwards.

5 petals of Flat pearls with pink overtone

Bark-like texture for the stem (18K yellow gold)
Small Pink sapphire for the stigma
Pave Brown diamond on th edge of 2 petals
Size wise i think it will end up being about 8-10cm.

And the chain goes through the stem....

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

mum's present! from her sisters n brothers....

here's some rough sketch. I will post the actual piece very soon. I wanted this item to be v bold and eye-catching......
  • Emerald cut Peridot
  • Drop shaped Rubelite
  • round and marquise Diamonds

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rain drops keep falling on my head!

It's been pouring hard in Bangkok. The rainy season has definitely arrived!

A leaf with a drop of Tahitian (pear shaped) Earrings!
Setting - closer to the pearl: Pave pink Sapphire and gradually lighter pink sapphire (almost colorless)

i;m just not so sure about the weight of the earring.

Summer in London!

So i just got the approval. I am leaving for london in 30 hours time. Quite a mad rush. If not for EL, i wont be doing this. And of course, I figured it will be a meaningful family reunion too. It has been some time since all 5 of us travel to some where other than KL or BKK or SG. Yes i am still blogging at this moment whilst trying to get a ticket. BA website is such a pain.

Let me post my drawings of WINGS.

Im thinking cabachon tourmaline (shades of pink & Purple) tiny 1mm pearls, Baroque Flat freshwater pearls... This is going to be quite. Playing with the different textures and color combinations. I am definitely going to incorporate this in my collection.

I started drawing bird feathers n then decided to explore all sorts of feathers/ wings and finally, butterfly wings turned out the best.

Egg Pendant- Amethyst and Fancy Sapphire!

o. It's quite blurry but this is actually an egg-shaped amethyst. I bought the rough from a shop along Chareon Krun Rd (new Rd) and took it to my teacher. Both of us walked the streets for an hour to find someone capable of cutting the stone. He has some friends in the field of work but they could not do something of that size. (equip. constraints)Finally, we took it to a thai school that teaches stone cutting. I was excited!!! I wanna learn. But for foreigners, it's quite a hefty charge. For locals, IT"S FREEE!
  • 18-20 carat light purple Amethyst
  • purple and pink pink sapphire
  • Indian gold jewelery inspired
  • A new Beginning...new life! (thk u Jean for reminding me)

South Sea Pearls with diamonds,,.,,

This can be worn with and without the diamonds....I was commissioned to design it for my mum's 50th.

  • 13mm White South Sea Pearls
  • 3 carat plus diamonds (round/ pear/ marquise shaped diamonds)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Inspired by an Indecisive Budget....

I have had this design in mind for awhile now. Rows of diamonds, forming a marquise shape. accompanied by small marquise shape diamonds at the links and finally, a big pear shaped diamond (bigger budget) or just a hollow pear shape drop (small budget).

A Twist: brown diamonds all around accompanied by citrine marquise and finally... the drop can be a pear shaped intense yellow Citrine.....Set in 14K yellow gold

Ring---Charriol Cable Inspired!

Unisex rings: Diamonds over cable....

Pave diamonds and 14K yellow gold cables

The cables are very versatile: i love incorporating them in my design. It is somewhat rugged and manly but if i use a thinner version, it looks quite victorian.


Inspired by a lady closely related to Charriol (who is my customer)....& a dose of fantasy! I came up with several designs hoping to show it to her and what you see here are the pieces I am more satisfied with...

  • Twisted pearls and Charriol Cable (their trademark)
  • Pieces of CHARRIOL logo dangling from the pearls- milli-grain setting of colorless diamonds
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • matching earrings double charriol logo + strands of 1mm pearls drizzling down.

My earlier creations.....

This ring is made of
  • Oval Pink with a tinge of Orange Spinel
  • Surrounded by Brown diamonds
  • 18K White Gold plated with rhodium (this gives it that old antiquity look)

This "K" initial Baroque Pearl Pendant was a present from us to our friend Kim for her wedding. I am so tempted to make one for myself with the initial "S".

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