Monday, 29 June 2009


some wonderful times with J and D despite of some sleepless nites. Great to catch up after 10 years of distance. And soon J will be heading to Mongolia. U know we r going to miss you but good thing u r visiting again in sept. Jing and I explored the many stores at Platinum mall but with more focus than my usual visits. Pics of headdresses we bought at the mall. I love the one Jing picked out for me and the peacock feather piece she got for herself. thanks....: ) I have always love buying hats/headdresses etc. and the ones we got are great for everyday wear sort. Wanna share with you some millinery works i love. Eloise, who runs her own millinery has some fabulous works which really inspires my designing work.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


this thursday B, P and I went to the fabric market with much enthusiasm in hope to find some unique pieces of fabric and ribbons for the samples. Well, i shared with them the piece i had in mind and from there, we went hunting for the right fabric. We agreed on a grayish brown cotton/spandex material from Japan accompanied by dusty blue, a deep royal green, and dirty yellow. I have to say it was a felicitous choice of ribbons. This shop that B took us has some incredible selection. So vast, if you cant find what you want, they will dye it for you. The temptation was simply too strong! I had to buy this piece of collar lace which will be trimmed with black velvety ribbon. Could be worn as a necklace or as a collar. Im excited about my mini project.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Hotel Eugenia...

Hotel Eugenia's lobby-----------
Ahhh what a lovely night! I had a great time with my ole pals! The usual gang....We spent our friday night on Sukhumvit Soi31. We had Jap food @Isa-o and that experience definitely took all of us back to Sushi Station along 101-Encinitas which serves CA style sushi. Friday was J's last day at Bulgari. Hence it called for a celebration!! I was looking forward to drinks at Hotel Eugenia- a colonial style bungalow with i think 10 suites? Setting was lovely, our pitcher of mojito was beyond expectation, the desserts were not fantastic and of course, i gave them my feedback. The chef was nice enough to compensate us with some cognac truffles...v yummy. a party of 6 was just good enough for a Friday nite. Topics shared? PAINT BLUE SKIES / Slipper orchids grown up north in our friend's farm/ Meditation school in Aug (a 9 day course but we are going to try to stay for 3 nites)

Hirado Plum branch ....

I have been reading up on porcelains from Japan and of course Hirado, typically blue&white which is of top notch quality and fine craftsmanship...Something worth researching, Hirado was initially made only for the rulers (daimyo) and later it was commercialized. I have a few Japanese porcelains in my gallery but they are unmarked. i suspect one of them, an Ikebana vase with a long and narrow neck, which was obtained from Christies auction is Hirado. Anyhow, a piece of Hirado i found via the kurtzman family collection

A weight in a form of a plum branch. Another inspiration. It will be nice if i can keep it white and simple. Maybe enameling work needs to be done for the branch and simple white overtone flat keshi pearls for the petals.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


So there goes my Thursday! It was certainly eventful but i was overwhelmed by the end of the day! i started my day at Yaowalard (chinatown) with B. We met at OP, our usual hangout/ meeting point and headed to the fabric market. I spotted some Jap inspired fabrics. Pink, brown, dusty green and cream. I took a cloth swatch of it and hopefully the next trip back, we will be ready to buy those. I love the vibes in this market! Most buyers are big big purchasers. U hear them buying like song/sam met. (2-3 m). And B too was picking out a type of fabric for a customer who specially ordered a shirt from him. We headed to B's tailor who recommended us another tailor who would be able to fulfill our orders. Quite a straight forward man as B put it. I didn't really catch what was he saying in thai but i could sense that he was quite a no BS sort of tailor.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Mozart effect!

Several of my friends are pregnant or just had a baby so i thought i'll do some baby music research and the mozart effect was all over the web about how it improves Spatial temporal reasoning. Interesting to know. my.. Uni. of Wisconsin- psycho department carried out a study with rats and those rats exposed to Mozart completed some maze more rapidly....n how the State of Georgia gives out a Mozart CD to every new born!

if only there is some kind of music that will help get over Monday Blues.... Anyway, some sketches of earrings. Inspired by edwardian pieces. This is the typical 3 piece style. A slight twist: I have tiny pearls around a green stone (have yet to decide what) center piece and a pink stone above it. The three dangling pieces will be pear shape pearls. The unique part is how the two pearls on the sides will jut out rather awkwardly and stiffly. K said this piece has some potential! : )

Monday, 8 June 2009

Locally made...for Sale!

Faceted Apatite & Amethyst earrings
Cabachon light aquamarine & green tourmaline
Deep red Garnet set in 22K gold plated silver. Very Indian.
Chalcedony with small amethyst and white sapphire.
Amethyst with fresh water pearls set in 18K gold plate

Green tourmaline & Rubelite set in 18K gold plated silver. i love the Indian in it.

Btw, these r up for sale. Handmade by thai artist. I was reminded by some friends hence the posting on this blog.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hard to Compartmentalize....

I tried so hard to keep this a jewelery blog...but I find it impossible. work, emotions, inspiration, food, family, friends and strangers.... i gave up. Alas! a piece of traditional Japanese container i found while checking stock at our HQ. Total of 1500 over pieces. Eeks.. Maki-e (spinkled picture) is lacquered work that requires skillful craftsmanship. It is a technique whereby the artist sprinkles gold/ copper/silver powder over successive layers to gain that thick and 3 dimensional effect you see here. A Traditional ink container with makie landscape. The Japanese make sure pretty containers for everything... from paper to green tea powder.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

very random

I did some random searching ...
1.Parisian apartments on Champs Elysées. Rental for this really cute apartment for 6 is 380 Euros per day!!! I think it was appealing cos of the persian rug in that living room!
2.Subscription rate of New yorker: US 39 and internation is 112. (darn it!)
im so tempted to send it to Andrew and have him mail it to me...
3.Scenes from the movie,...."Coco before chanel " (unfortunately not shown in asia yet)
4.Luxurious kids clothes

Blogging with no discipline... Sharart was really meant to be a jewelry site showcasing my sketches, works and inspirations... I wish i had more discipline in this and many other aspects. Alas...i suppose it wont be a pure jewelry site from here forward..

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

the missing plane....AF447

I first read the news on Bloomberg tv (june1st?) and i was thinking to myself....I had this premonition it wasnt going to make it. It Not sure why but when I come across air accidents, I always get cold chills. Not any other type of accidents but just flight accidents. I am very fearful of taking the plane esp. alone.

June 2nd. Debris found in the Atlantic ocean.

A piece of the Chicago Stock exchange...

I love the colors and lines on this stenciled piece of artwork. I could almost immediately visualize 5 designs from it. One being a pair of earrings with a marquise shaped center piece. I will probably be able to use the amazonite i recently purchased. It is quite similar to the green you see here.

Observe the layers on this piece of work that used to be part of the trading floors. The more i look at it the greater the urge to actualize a piece of 2....the increments of making it tangible and reflective of this piece of work.

circa. 1893. Executed by Healey and Millet, and designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler.

Monday, 1 June 2009


eAquamarine necklace....SPOTTED!!!
Christies upcoming auction @ King St. I like the front part of this necklace up to the point where the diamonds meet the back part. Very classic. I think this design will go v well with pearls too. I have 2 strands of fresh water pearl with pink overtone... Am still thinking of what to do with them.

Cabochon Turquoise & Diamonds set in cable/rope like setting. The stiffness of the setting is what stands out in my opinion.I am not sure why but i have been rather attracted to blue stones....

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