Friday, 1 January 2010

A NEW Decade calls for A NEW YOU!

2010 approached so swiftly because the last few days were packed with things i needed to take care of. I spend a lot of time in my new place, waiting for pieces of furniture to arrive. packing and unpacking, dusting & moping...Finally, i found it! I purchased a fridge i really like after much persuasion from K.

I threw the cow rug, set the single bench right beside the Scandinavian teak chair. Just really waiting for my new couch and many more good things ahead....Just because i have a feeling 2010 is going to be better for everyone. There is so much I wish to accomplish, little habits I need to kick, exercise more, go for an annual check up, master the thai language, spend more quality time with my family, my sisters, take a family vacation, visit a new place, take a roadtrip with K, hopefully return to CA..... and of course continue to design for my collection. It is so rewarding when people tell you they like what they see. And before the end of 2009, a friend requested i design a set of wedding jewelry for her. She liked the first design I sketched and decided right away on it. So let's hope i'll meet more people who truly appreciate my work! I will definitely post pics of the final work in a few months time. The wedding is in May so we do have ample time to perfect it.
New YR resolution: I am going to remind myself to stay clam and learn not to sweat over trivial stuff. Release the negative and embrace the positive! I shall leave u with this. A quote i love! esp. Remind yourself.. Make some Art!
A quote i love! esp. Remind yourself.. Make some Art!
by Chris Chun
Take some classy images.... Wear a big hat, some black gloves. via Inspired by Crispin Akerman Image - Crispin Akerman

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