Friday, 8 January 2010

Some blue? Wittelsbach blue?

Does it still hold its significance once its been recut and renamed? Does its sentimental value change just because Laurence Graff, the billionaire diamond dealer, also known as the new Harry Winston decided to had it recut, reducing it from 35.52 to just over 31 carats, to eliminate the chips and “bruises” inevitable in a stone of its age but also to improve its clarity, brilliance and grade?

This grayish blue diamond was taken from India to Europe in the 17th C in the possession of the Spanish King but eventually ended up being a Austrian & Bavarian Crown Jewel. Only in very recent years, this gem resurfaced and was auctioned off at Christie's for an astounding amount. As the NY times puts it, "the most ever paid for a diamond at auction and a sum that may also have rendered the Wittelsbach blue, by weight, the most valuable commodity on earth." By recutting a diamond so riched in history is like removing the patina of a piece of antique. Click here for the full article on this extraordinary piece of gem.

31 carat Wittelsbach-Graff diamond

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