Monday, 22 February 2010

Inspired by designers.

Jim Thompson's new collection is so flavorful... The orientaliste selection is my favorite. The colors, motifs and landscape
This is quite a common scene in thai art, often intensely gold but Jim Thompson has managed to make it look rather chic and modern yet ethic. Now I am so inclined to get some fabrics from Jim Thompson and go to the website: the No. 9 Thompson's new Spring collection and Guest Designer, by Tony Duquette has designed some really charming stuff. (see his works below)
THis reminds me of my previous posting about my visit to the outlet store alone Surawongse Road with P where i got some paisley Silk fabric.
And while exploring his website, I chance upon this! * Fine Jewelry*** How wonderful.
Cabochon Emerald with diamonds
The influence is obvious. As a young man Tony Duquette created costumes and sets for Fred Astaire musicals with Vincente Minnelli at MGM. In his eighties he was creating unique fine jewelry for Tom Ford at Gucci. In between Duquette created acclaimed costumes and sets for theater, opera and ballet, his costumes for the original Broadway production of Camelot having garnered him the prestigious Tony Award for Best Costume. via

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