Saturday, 27 March 2010

Japanese Food Art

Dinner @ Mt. Yoshio Ryokan - Sakoya
Lunch Mini Kaiseki @ Arima Onsen: Hyoe

Dinner @ Mt. Yoshino

Breakfast @ Kyoto : GIon Shimonso

Back from Japan...and I really miss the good food especially the traditional Kaseiki Japanese breakfast: Rice, miso soup, fermented dishes, pickled vegetables, grilled fish, steamed tofu. And out of thr 13 days in japan, we had 5 kaiseki breakfast and they all stood out in their own unique way. It's always served in a very fancy, decorative yet coordinated manner whereby each dish, regardless of portion complements the next. And since we are approaching the Cherry blossom season, many of our dishes were garnished with sakura flowers or sakura motif shaped fish cakes. Truly an art form!

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