Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Deva Collection

Earrings: Pear shaped Morganite (beryl), Purple sapphires, and diamonds in 18K rose gold.
The Deva collection is inspired by indian motifs, elaborate jewels of the Mogul, the architectural lines of the Mahals etc. All things Indian. And thanks to Pearl for sharing this book with me. I have been thinking of ordering it but it is 190USD on Amazon!!! It's on my soon-to-get list. Promise!
Pearl is a also a jewelry designer based in Singapore, a fellow blogger and that's how we met. She is now a friend and a teacher to me. Check out her blog here. I somewhat feel that we are inspired by very similar things.

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  1. I love collecting traditional Jewelry.Moreover I always feel that traditional jewelry of India is most beautiful than any of the other jewelry designs.The bridal necklace you shown is so nice that I want to buy this.Thanks for design


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