Friday, 24 September 2010

It's Geometry & Lines: Art Deco

The modern "Art Deco" inspired by Boucheron- the world acclaimed high end jeweller with 150 years of history.

Modern Art deco inspired found here.

Some luxury of the past!

Rubies and Diamonds earrings found on Sotheby's via.

Art deco bracelet circa 1928

A pair of art deco period earrings- Sapphires, Emeralds, pearls and Diamond.
it was possible a period embellished with the BIG THREE: RUBIES, SAPPHIREs, EMERALDS

my recent inspirations have been from the Art deco period. I wonder what fuelled this inspiration but i know for sure, it's a distinctive period of classic works that will never go out of fashion. It is going to remain clssic and highly sought after. My recent works, including designing my personal pieces with my significant other are ART DECO influenced. satisfying!

Art art deco period brooch. image from Christies

Cartier Brooch : Onyx, Coral, enamel & diamond. found here.

An elegant piece by Cartier. Notice the thin line of blue sapphire tracing the brooch? So Neat.


  1. Earrings are more beautiful that the other pieces of jewelry shown above. I just love the rubies and diamond ring the most as are looking very elegant. I wanted to have both of them to my collection.

  2. Emerlad and diamond ear rings are absolutely beautiful....would like to see more small ear rings..
    wish you all the best..

    1. Thank you, more at http//


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