Saturday, 30 January 2010

ART DECO Influence.

Main View 1
bracelet from the 1930's highlights a superlative candy apple green 8.00 carat jadeite cabochon. The bracelet also consists of silky strands of natural seed pearls, accented by small, calibrated sapphires and diamonds
Main View 1
And more Green! Calibrated Emeralds and Diamond Bracelet! I love the shapes.
These platinum earrings feature sparkling European cut diamonds bezel set and dropped from a fine knife wire inside a pear shape set with onyx calibre which drops gracefully from a hexagonal stud further set with onyx and a European cut diamond.1209863109_50-1-2349.jpg
An emerald cut sapphire weighing approximately 1.75 carat is presented in this elaborate Art Deco platinum bar pin with four rows of tiny seed pearls divided by a line of calibre cut, square synthetic sapphires (original to the piece); circa 1920.

THere is such a distinct flavor to art deco pieces. And with Art deco pieces, Calibrated stones are critical. I want to say there is a sense of masculinity in them. Pieces I fancy are often structured and angular in appearance. If you observe closely, these pieces require a very trained eye to create the tiny miligrain( tiny dots or grains) around the setting. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I will be expecting my mum and dad and aunties and uncles from Malaysia! It is quite rare for my parents to be visiting without bringing KL along who has to attend school . Poor girl. Simply browsing over some pics I archived thanks to CY. Simply love vintage prints and how the colors change n fade over time. It's something u really can't create. It needs time. Cherish your photos if you want them to grow old prettily. Shall leave you with a happy family photo!
Mummy, Moi, Big sis, Daddy carrying the naughty lil one!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

SHARART DESIGN: Coming Soon.....

Hello Friends and Family,

My website is up! click here!

Check back shortly for the complete collection.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Some blue? Wittelsbach blue?

Does it still hold its significance once its been recut and renamed? Does its sentimental value change just because Laurence Graff, the billionaire diamond dealer, also known as the new Harry Winston decided to had it recut, reducing it from 35.52 to just over 31 carats, to eliminate the chips and “bruises” inevitable in a stone of its age but also to improve its clarity, brilliance and grade?

This grayish blue diamond was taken from India to Europe in the 17th C in the possession of the Spanish King but eventually ended up being a Austrian & Bavarian Crown Jewel. Only in very recent years, this gem resurfaced and was auctioned off at Christie's for an astounding amount. As the NY times puts it, "the most ever paid for a diamond at auction and a sum that may also have rendered the Wittelsbach blue, by weight, the most valuable commodity on earth." By recutting a diamond so riched in history is like removing the patina of a piece of antique. Click here for the full article on this extraordinary piece of gem.

31 carat Wittelsbach-Graff diamond

What do you think?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Some fun with photoshop. Peridot, Citrine, cognac & white diamonds. A pair of earrings with some good movement set in 18K Yellow gold. Which background would u pick? visit the newly website! Sharart Design

Friday, 1 January 2010

A NEW Decade calls for A NEW YOU!

2010 approached so swiftly because the last few days were packed with things i needed to take care of. I spend a lot of time in my new place, waiting for pieces of furniture to arrive. packing and unpacking, dusting & moping...Finally, i found it! I purchased a fridge i really like after much persuasion from K.

I threw the cow rug, set the single bench right beside the Scandinavian teak chair. Just really waiting for my new couch and many more good things ahead....Just because i have a feeling 2010 is going to be better for everyone. There is so much I wish to accomplish, little habits I need to kick, exercise more, go for an annual check up, master the thai language, spend more quality time with my family, my sisters, take a family vacation, visit a new place, take a roadtrip with K, hopefully return to CA..... and of course continue to design for my collection. It is so rewarding when people tell you they like what they see. And before the end of 2009, a friend requested i design a set of wedding jewelry for her. She liked the first design I sketched and decided right away on it. So let's hope i'll meet more people who truly appreciate my work! I will definitely post pics of the final work in a few months time. The wedding is in May so we do have ample time to perfect it.
New YR resolution: I am going to remind myself to stay clam and learn not to sweat over trivial stuff. Release the negative and embrace the positive! I shall leave u with this. A quote i love! esp. Remind yourself.. Make some Art!
A quote i love! esp. Remind yourself.. Make some Art!
by Chris Chun
Take some classy images.... Wear a big hat, some black gloves. via Inspired by Crispin Akerman Image - Crispin Akerman

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