Friday, 16 April 2010

Imperial Treasures

This Spring we get to witness some serious bidding for chinese fine arts. On the 8th of April, some new world records set at Sotheby’s in Hongkong : a ceremonial pearl necklace & an enameled box all from the Qing dynasty were among the few which really stood out for me.

Hammered price: 67,860,000 HKD/ (8.7 million USD)

After a total of 61 bids, this imperial necklace set a world record for any Imperial jewel at auction. Consisting of a strand of 108 freshwater Eastern pearls, this crown jewel is exquisitely put together with a mix of lapis lazuli, cabochon quartz, spinels, sapphires, coral bats, tourmalines (rubelite beads) silk, seed pearls, turquoise. What's most enchanting is the suspended gold filagree oval plaque seen here.
Hammered price: HK$27,540,000/US$3,530,769

Such fine enameled work!!! This Qing dynasty box composed of three removable interlocking trays and a cover supported in a gilt-bronze frame. The lemon-yellow color contrasted by the interior and base enamelled in turquoise blue, with all that rich details all around makes it world record for a Beijing Enamel.

Image from Sotheby's and

After seeing such fine work, I am more inclined to visit Taipei one day. I was once told by a customer that Taipei National Palace Museum has quite a spectacular collection of enameled works.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Deva Collection

Earrings: Pear shaped Morganite (beryl), Purple sapphires, and diamonds in 18K rose gold.
The Deva collection is inspired by indian motifs, elaborate jewels of the Mogul, the architectural lines of the Mahals etc. All things Indian. And thanks to Pearl for sharing this book with me. I have been thinking of ordering it but it is 190USD on Amazon!!! It's on my soon-to-get list. Promise!
Pearl is a also a jewelry designer based in Singapore, a fellow blogger and that's how we met. She is now a friend and a teacher to me. Check out her blog here. I somewhat feel that we are inspired by very similar things.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bulgari High Jewellery

Necklace in yellow gold with briolette cut pear shaped beryls (Morganite & Aquamarine), Purple tourmalines, emeralds and round brilliant cut diamonds.

Ahhh Mandarin Garnet! An interesting Pick by Bulgari once again.

The colors are excellent. Cabochon Emeralds and the unique mandarin color which resembles a light whiskey color is such a fun combo.

I love the lines on this one!A cabochon Sapphire this size is just perfect. Bulgari's latest high end collection.
Check out their new site. Well at least relatively new.

Also very much in love with their classic bags. I'll share more in my next posting.

Monday, 12 April 2010


Rich blue violet, tanzanite gained its popularity when New York jeweler, Louis Comfort Tiffany named named it after its origin, Merelani Mine in Tanzania.

See Terri Hatcher flaunting her Tanzanite ring.
Magnificent Untreated Tanzanite Crystal photo image
And note how charming the color of this Tanzanite rough with no heat treatment. via
Heat treatment reduces the pleochroism of the gem.
The magical part of it: Rotate it in different directions, the single stone will exhibit three outstanding changes of color, from reddish purple to blue to deep purple. When it was first mined, it cost about $20/carat. By 1984 clean gems wholesaled at better than $1000 a carat, an indication of increasing interest in a gem already in short supply. In 1978 a massive cholera epidemic struck northern Tanzania and interrupted production of rubies, garnets, sapphires, chrome tourmaline, chrysoprase, and tanzanite. Today, prices of fine quality tanzanite can compete with sapphires. (

frequently paired with diamonds, I think this is possibly the best way to bring out the beauty of this outstanding stone that displays different colors at different angles.
If you caught the bug like me and want to learn how about tanzanites, Merelani Issue of Mineralogical Record
Check this out. By Wendell E. Wilson, John M. Saul, Vincent Pardieu & Richard Hughes (2009) I first met Mr. Richard Hughes 2 years back in Thailand. He is an incredibly knowledgeable gemologist who wrote the bible on Ruby-Sapphire.

I am planning to incorporate this precious gem into my collection soon. Stay tune!

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Unrest

Hi All
Things may appear a little messy in Bangkok right now but please do not fret. Bangkok is still as charming! Just more red color dotting the city.


Relax and enjoy your weekend! Photos: Kml Designs

Indulge in the creme on you cap. Photo from Crepes & co. in Bangkok
Visit them the next time u come
Crepes & Co.
18/1, Sukhumvit Soi 12
Klongtoey 10110
The indoor lounge

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Camera S90 Magic

Canon S90: our recent purchase from Japan. Osaka's electric town, Nipponbashi - known for cheap "made in Japan" electronic goods. It is possibly one of the most user friendly camera I have used. Before this, K bought me a Leica which I still love very much. But I have to admit, the canon S90 takes really good night shots. The images are easier to capture, less noise more steadiness. And it has the body of my old Leica which i love. Leica, I will continue using you in the daytime!
Some recent shots we took right after purchasing the camera.

If you are considering a digital camera, try canon S90. (Made in Japan)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Snow on Berry!

A modified version of a strawberry? It's a cross between a pineapple and strawberry - Pineberry.

The appearance of a strawberry but smells and tastes similar to a pineapple?

Originally grown in the wild in South America, the pineberry, which looks like an inside-out strawberry, was rescued from extinction when Dutch farmers began growing it to sell in Europe.

I like the look of it - The accumulation of a thin coat of snow on a fresh strawberry. They look cheerful but i'm not sure about the taste. Sister, u gotta get some from Waitrose stores and let me know how it tastes. Via my daily dosage.

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