Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Recent sketch

Diamonds or colored gemstones? What do you think? Marquise n round
shaped stones. It's a sharart Sketch

Friday, 20 August 2010

Rubies & Diamonds- It's a SHARART.

This is one of my latest creation! Art Deco inspired, the melee rubies are in fact quite eye catching and it complements the main rock.

3.8 carat ruby

1.8 carat Diamonds

0.88 melee ruby

The top motif, comprising of marquise, pear and round shaped diamonds can be worn on its own.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Some Geodes Jewelry

Geodes on jewelry. Mcdonald is the designer behind these wonderful designs. Very raw, simply unpretentious. Most of her pieces are set in 18K gold. So gorgeous.

Oriental Blue

It's in! Although I'm not really a big fan of Dior, I do like their classic lady Dior plus, this color is just so rich and captivating. Love love it.! John Galliano u did well!

Monday, 16 August 2010

It's a Sharart esign. Emerald Art Deco inspired earrings

Converts into a pendant as well. Emeralds can be worn alone. Another commissioned piece I enjoyed working on. Oval Emeralds, Marquise + Baguette Diamonds. Looking forward to working with emeralds again!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Days in a vault

It has been half a month of work in a vault. I am getting use to the stale air, plain concrete walls, having to get through 4 doors each time i go to the toilet, a vault bigger than my apartment. And when lunch time approaches, I really appreciate the fresh air outside, the basking sunlight-it cheers me up! It's not as dreadful but I do miss the office, my co-workers whom I hardly had time to bond with from the time i started till the time I was sent off to work at the airport. Nonetheless, working in the vault has been quite an experience. Got to see some exotic, rare gems we acquired. Zultanite is one of them. Thanks to my instructor at GIA who is now my co-worker, he pointed out the unqiness of this gem. Zultanite is mined only in Turkey, up in the Anatolian Mountains. Its most interesting characteristic is its color change phenomena. And and unlike other color change gemstone, zultanite can change from canary yellow, to a cognac pink, or even to a kiwi color. Many more to come!!!! image from

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