Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sharart Design -Bespoke Service in the Press -Asia Tatler

Thank you for the lovely write-up about Sharart.
From Asian Tatler: "Personally, one of my favourite indulgences is being able to customise a special piece of jewellery. Nothing excites me more than being able to work with jewellery designer and friend Sharlinn Liew of Sharart Design on the inspiration for a new design. After poring over countless photographs and books together (we have a soft spot for either Art Deco period pieces or ultra-modern styles), Liew then creates sketches before having the final design created by craftsmen.

The resulting piece of jewellery always holds that much more meaning, when I know (and was involved in) the entire process of its creation. On a practical level, Liew also helps to redesign an old piece of jewellery — say, those heirloom pearl earrings from grandma that are too opulent for daily wear. So you get the most mileage out of your fine jewellery, and have no excuse to not accessorise!" (from Asian tatler by May Yip) Jan 19.
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