Friday, 5 October 2012

Vintage Art Deco: Emerald Ruby Sapphire

Art Deco Ruby & diamonds in 18k white gold

Art Deco Elongated Blue Sapphire & Diamond ring from 1920s-
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Art Deco tapered emerald & diamond earrings

The Big 3  precious gems 
 Art Deco period: the period between the World Wars which resulted in a new interest in jewelry. Designers & Artists of this period embraced geometries and clean lines.  Not only were the strong, distinct shapes employed, this was a period of bold & contrasting colors.

Motifs of the Art Deco---Themes & Motifs of this era are still prevalent today — new diamond cuts were employed to accentuate the geometric taste, including the emerald cut, triangle cut, trapeze cut, and marquis cut.
Sharart Design is inspired by Art Deco / Decography and Asian influences.
Orient Art Deco Fan Ruby & Diamond Earrings


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