Friday, 9 March 2012

Simply Creamy -SouthSea Pearls

The latest creation. Inspired bythe Chinese Hulu, the bottle gourd used in the old times to carry medicine/water. 14-15mm white southsea pearls 1.08 carat diamonds set in 18K White gold (Quote upon request)

Butterfly EARRINGS. White SouthSea Pearls & Diamonds in 18K White Gold. Deco Structured Earrings. A customized piece for a bride.
SouthSea Pearls, Round & Baguette Diamonds in 18K White gold.

A customized wedding piece. The bow bracelet.

Cultured Freshwater pearls & Diamonds in 18K White gold.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Simply Vintage

(Lang Antiques- 0.5 carat filigree Diamond Ring)

(Lang Antiques- Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring)

Lovely Kwiat Vintage inspired diamond ring.

And yet another Kwiat- Ruby & Rose-Cut Diamond Ring. Something less conventional for an engagement ring.

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