Sunday, 30 December 2012

Must go: Hot Spring Onsen in Wakayama

 Located in Shirahama, south of Kansai airport is said to be the oldest onsen (hot spring) in Japan. I can't wait to enjoy the rotenburo (open air baths) that look right out to the vast Pacific Ocean. Saki-no-yu has to be our first stop. Time to unwind and relax before heading to Arizona.

And the next stop will be Sennin Buro at Kawayu Onsen which is only available during winter from December to February. I can't wait to experience my first onsen experience in the Oto river.

Kawayu, Hongu Town, Tanabe City


Friday, 28 December 2012

Work-in-Progress Sharart Design

Blue sapphires for an invisible setting

Asian  motif gold setting for a pair of earrings

Some pending works before the end of 2012.... Looking forward to the coming of 2013!

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